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Website and telegram channel FinTech & Retail Central Asia

This is where you can find the most important news from the financial technology, e-commerce, banking and retail industries in Central Asia

FinTech & Retail CA is a website and telegram channel for market participants (large retailers, small and medium-sized businesses, banking sector, fintech, crypto industry, as well as government agencies and regulators of all Central Asian countries). And our audience is growing every day!

Our target audience includes banks, corporations, public sector, SMB owners, representatives of HoReCa and FMCG, retailers, e-commerce, etc.

Wide coverage and geography: our audience is growing day by day to include not only market participants in Uzbekistan, but professionals from all over Central Asia and the CIS countries who maintain awareness of the current trends and areas of business development in this promising region.

The website developers are experts with a long-term proven track record, who are well-versed in the key topics of the industry and can quickly offer a unique content that appeals to rapidly growing audience.

We offer your business an excellent opportunity to expand your audience and turn the spotlight on your products and/or services.

Powerful promotion of your company, bank, association: we are ready to offer you the opportunity to advertise your products and/or services, share news, video content, to increase traffic on your website and improve brand awareness!

Advertising formats:

  • Cover story
  • Article
  • News
  • Press release
  • Banner advertising
  • Cover Story is the central material of the site. The article generates maximum pageviews due to its all-pages-through announcement, in the “Cover story” block, pinning for a week in the telegram channel. Its full version is available to all readers.
  • An article of up to 10 thousand characters (spaces included) can be published in two layout formats:
  1. Longread in the “Cases” section. The material is presented most conveniently for reading. It may contain a hyperlink to the advertiser’s website with videos, feedback forms and advertiser contacts that can be built in.
  1. Article presented in a usual layout. Placed in the relevant website section and may include a hyperlink to the advertiser’s website.
  1. Pricing for posting news on the website and in the telegram channel

A piece of news of up to 650 characters (spaces included), exclusive of heading characters (up to 100 characters including spaces); hyperlink to the advertiser’s website, 1 picture:

  • 1 piece of news
  • 3 piece of news per year
  • 5 piece of news per year
  • 10 piece of news per year

Pinning for 1 day in the telegram channel = +50% to the price

  1. Options for banner advertising on the website:
  • Banner in the website header, all-pages-through (desktop and mobile versions).
  • Banner in the sidebar for the desktop version (the mobile version is in the center of the material).
  • Banner at the bottom of the material (desktop and mobile versions).

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